Hi! I’m Cindy.
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Health & Life Enthusiast

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Years ago, I was living an active and rich life. I was running from the gym to my event planning business and enjoying time with friends and family. I began noticing changes in my mood and energy levels. I was becoming more irritable, had trouble sleeping and my menstrual cycle had stopped. At 36 years old, my energy levels began to plummet and I stopped caring about anything in my life. One day I couldn’t even get out of bed. That day became a week.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition which impacts how the body uses energy and how well cells, tissues and organs work.

The specialist instructed me to take a pill every day. I asked, “Ok, for how long?” to which she answered “For the rest of your life.”

I broke down.

I hated the idea that I would have to depend on a pill for the rest of my life. I vowed to her “I will be off this medication in 5 years” to which she said “Good luck. It’s never been done.”

I started the medication and sure enough within a couple of days, I started feeling back to myself.I also started learning everything I could about my condition and my body. I asked myself a key question.

“How do I truly desire to BE and FEEL?”;

This was the defining moment. I knew I had to do my part and empower myself to take action where I could.

That started my exploration into myself – my heart, my should, my body, my food – ultimately, my choices. I decided to attend culinary school and learned both traditional culinary as well as health supportive arts and theory. I continued on to earn other health certifications in integrative health, digestive systems, hormone balancing and behavioral methods.

As I went through this exploration, I gained insight, discovered new perspectives and established great freedom.

I figured out ways to feel healthy and beautiful without sacrificing or feeling like I was “giving” anything up, still enjoying dark chocolate, great wine and traveling. I learned to create alternatives, and I stopped being confused and worried.


This is how Skinny Strong was born. I was able to design my health and beauty through Releasing (my “Skinny”) what did not serve me and Taking Actions (my “Strong”) in order to thrive. I truly believe this is the mindset that leads us to claim our birthright and live out our best lives.

We seek to shift the concept that being healthy and beautiful is about guilt, sacrifice and deprivation. I am deeply committed to bringing Skinny Strong to you and help you become and feel healthy and beautiful, through an approach that’s invigorating and exciting.

We’re so glad to have you join us, and we invite you to find your “Skinny Strong”!

   Cindy is such a fun-loving spirit! Let’s face it: our
brainstorming sessions are filled with music (yes, we
jam to pop while doing our creative braindump!) and
I can testify that she’ll bust a celebratory dance move
whenever we hit a goal! Yup, I’ve seen that!   

-Ines Battistini, Happiness Blaze at Skinny Strong

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