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Hell Yes: The Key to Branding

| March 19th, 2015 | 5 comments

The answer you seek: Hell Yes!

I wrote down in my journal once: “if you have to ask, then you already know.” This is usually in relation to whether or not to continue seeing someone or whether or not a business partnership is good for you.

Around this time I found an article by Derek Sivers discussing his “Hell Yeah” approach to business and life. It’s so simple; it’s genius. Part of leading an incredible life and career is cutting out things that don’t make you say or think: HELL YES! Feeling absolutely certain about everything you have in your life is not only empowering but attracts more of the same because you’re clearly able to discern what is a maybe or what is a no when you walk with the energy of Hell Yes. Often times when I’m doing a strategy session with a client and we’re niching down or creating a profile of a target demographic I wait for the moment in the room where there’s a “hell yes!” It’s that moment that gives you goosebumps and excites you; it’s that moment that you begin to see all the possibilities of what could become of this venture through a different lens.

It looks like clarity and it feels like alignment. I exist to facilitate these moments. Branding is all about giving others the freedom to say hell yes to your service or product and giving people permission to say hell no when they’re not in alignment with your company or you. This solves a lot of headaches because you begin to create a portfolio of clients that adore you, respect your services and pay your rates. You lose the doubting Thomases or those high maintenance clients that eat up your time.

Much like any relationship, the provider-client relationship should be a hell yes on both sides. This is the type of environment that having a strong brand can provide for your business. A strong brand welcomes the hell yeses and the hell nos. A strong brand isn’t for everyone, but it knows who it’s for and is easily recognizable to them. HELL YES to that!

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