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Is Your Business Misaligned with Your Brand?

| May 20th, 2015 | 5 comments

Have you ever experienced an “aha moment?” You know, that one moment that changed your perspective and subsequently your actions regarding an area of your life? It might feel like someone gave you different colored glasses for you to see through, or maybe just cleaned yours off.

I often tell people that the most important aspect of my work isn’t creating brand architectures or beautiful websites and visual representations for my clients; it’s getting my clients to experience a profound paradigm shift that transforms the way they interact with their brand or business.

My goal is for my clients to begin to embody their own brand in powerful ways that attract the clients they are seeking. I call it a brand alignment for a reason – most often business owners who are not in alignment with their business or brand will have problems communicating what they do and not attract the clients they want to have or the money they want to make because of this disconnect.

The most common symptoms of a misalignment between you and your brand are as follows:

• Not making the money you believe your product or service is worth
• Not attracting the right types of clients
• The feeling of stagnation or complacency in your business
• Not having a strategy for continued growth

Here are some quick things you can do to help align you and your brand:

• Call me and schedule an appointment (shameless self-promotion – I’m really great at cleaning glasses)
• Create an ideal client avatar and ask yourself if you speak to this ideal client in any of your communications at this present moment
• What part of your business activities excite you the most?

Client acquisition, creative, etc. Focus on doing what you love most and what you’re best at and outsource what you can. Happy aligning!!

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