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The Biggest Branding Mistake Small Businesses Make

| December 15th, 2014 | 5 comments

Many small businesses make the mistake of taking themselves out of their business’ brand to make themselves seem bigger than they are. This can seem very appealing, but removing yourself from your brand can sometimes be a huge mistake. People resonate with other people. They identify with other people. The scariest thing about branding is that you have to define yourself. You have to stand for something and that might mean not standing for something else, which can be very very scary for an entrepreneur.

What if what you stand for what a potential client doesn’t stand for? Are you letting business walk out the door? The hard truth of it is: if prospects don’t resonate with you or your team personally, they are probably not going to be good clients for your business. For example, if you’re a bold marketing company that provides digital solutions and your client is very conservative and fears having a social media presence, neither party will be happy and frankly, it sets your company up for failure. Authentic branding attracts the right clients that want what YOU have to offer and thus creates an environment set up for success.

This past week I was lucky enough to partner with the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and deliver a presentation to their Mujeres de HACE group in Washington D.C. I presented on the topic of personal branding to a talented circle of ambitious professional women. During the presentation I emphasized how critical it was to know your brand and more importantly the value your brand carries. There is great power in understanding the value you can deliver as well as what you can’t deliver. It’s that type of knowledge that allows you to take more control of your career and co-creating relationships with others. Defining yourself is scary, sure, but the clarity you achieve outweighs it tenfold.

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