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The Elusive Niche and Why You Should Care

| April 18th, 2015 | 5 comments

Have you ever experienced the following?

You’re at a networking event and you ask someone what they do.
They respond, “I’m a marketing consultant.”
There’s a few seconds pause so you follow up with “What type of marketing?”
Them: All kinds.
You: Who are your clients?
Them: I have all types of clients.

If you’re like me, you’re already frustrated at reading the conversation above.

Here’s why: this consultant lacks specificity and you, the super kind networker are left doing the work of trying to figure out if you can work with them. The following month your organization has a specific issue – they need a marketing plan to target millennials. You won’t call the all-encompassing marketing consultant because you likely won’t even remember them and you’re really interested in someone who knows your target demographic rather than someone who might know it.

Small business owners and consultants have a tendency to fear the niche. It’s a common mistake to think that being open to all opportunities nets all opportunities. It doesn’t. Establishing your niche is the key to communicating who you are and more importantly, who you are for.

A strong niche opens the door to becoming a specialist and expert in your field; netting you more money per project. Ultimately, it pays to niche down.

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