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The Future of Marketing: A Millennial’s Point of View

| November 22nd, 2014 | 5 comments

You’re hungry, you’re in a new city and you have a very specific craving. You’re thinking that you want samosas, but not just any samosas, the BEST samosas this city has to offer. If you were back in your hometown, you might know what spots to hit up for some fresh hot samosas, but you’re not. What do you do?

You hit up Google. You check out ratings on Yelp. You read reviews for XYZ Indian Garden that has comments like “best samosas in D.C.” You’re clear on where you’re headed next. We are in the age of hyper specializations – where people are able to make a name for themselves based on being the best at doing a very specific thing: green pet groomers, vegan restaurants, sweat absorbent sportswear. The internet has allowed us to live in ways we never thought possible, it has created a place for us to find like-minded communities, businesses and hyper specific needs or desires within an instant. Need a class on how to make kimchi at home? Try Dabble. The winners of this game will be easily searchable on Google. They will the BEST Lasik eye surgeon who specializes in people like me with astigmatism. They will be THE best in their fields because why settle for second, when after all, we can have the BEST samosas in DC

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