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The Truth About Entrepreneurship

| June 24th, 2015 | 5 comments

Two weeks ago I was in Miami packed with back to back meetings, smiling and flying high making new friends, pitching new prospects and holding clear the potential of my vision amidst the sunny skies, palm trees and gorgeous beaches. I came back to Chicago ready to rebrand and pumped about my business.

In between then and now – a pendulum swinging full force into reality. Taxes, bills and working 65+ hours a week like a hamster in her wheel trying to figure a way out of the glass. Beyond the glass is the life I want – to become a part of hundreds of clients’ success stories; in a constant state of creation and in full alignment with my purpose.

Ana Forrest, founder Forrest Yoga says: “Do not make decisions based on fear.” I wrote about this at length after performing my first headstand in yoga class. It’s easy to look at your current environment and feel the weight of limitations – it’s far more difficult to take the courageous leap into the unknown, unaware of things like “certainties” or “constants.” Yet, this is the environment where one makes her own reality – one where anything is possible and limitations are all of your own creation.

The thing that most people don’t understand about entrepreneurship is that it shies away from this middle of the road approach. It’s a gamble and you either play the game fully committed and invested or you fail. There aren’t accidental success stories. There are sleepless nights filled with anxiety, fear, doubt and challenges. There are days of flying high, feeling untouchable watching that vision integrating into you closer and closer.

There’s a rollercoaster ride that you get on, knowing full well, you might not feel the steady ground for a while, but dammit if it doesn’t look beautiful from up here.

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